WearMax - Waterbone Floor Coating

The types of floor surfaces that can be coated with Wearmax include:

Hardwood, VCT, Marmoleum, Cork, Rubber, Asphalt Tile, VAT Tile, Laminate or Melamine Flooring, Polished Stone, Polished Concrete, PVC Floors, Vinyl, Epoxy Resin Coatings and Painted Floor Surfaces.

WearMax Floor Coatings have a patented WearMax technology that provides a floor finish that will look good for years. We offer a Life time Residencial warranty against wear through, and a 2 to 3 year warranty commercially. WearMax technology is a coating system that prevents you from walking on the floor finish. All WearMax Ceramic finishes are designed to contain 12,000,000 + ceramic particles per square foot. WearMax Technology allows these particles to protrude through the final surface. These ceramic particles are what you walk on - not the floor finish. The Ceramic finishes are considered the second hardest material known to man. There is only one substance that is harder - the natural diamond. The ceramics used in WearMax are even harder than industrial diamonds and stainless steel. WearMax Technology provides superior wear resistance, superior scratch resistance excellent slip resistance as well as low maintenance and chemical and stain resistance.

Why our ceramic products work:

The ceramic coatings leave a layer of particles that protrude the final coat of the finish process. These ceramic particles are harder than industrial diamond and provide incredible abrasion resistance. You are actually walking on the ceramic particles and not the top coat.

More Information:

The Industry’s ONLY Once Applied Roll on Ceramic Coating That acts like a Wax Replacement ... and lasts ...for years ... and years. NEVER polish or wax will NEVER yellow stay’s “Anti-Slip” ... even when wet is chemical, sanitizer, urine, scratch AND stain resistant.

With Wearmax you can...

Lower floor care costs by as much as 90% Extend the life of almost any floor Lower slip and fall liabilities.

... a once only applied, indoor, ‘roll on’ ceramic floor coating that is also a wax replacement, that is also “anti-slip” when wet or dry, that meets LEEDs approval and has the lowest VOC’s in the floor coating industry. Wearmax is THE most durable ... most cost effective... most easy to clean... innovative... environmentally responsible... indoor floor coating ever available. Invented over 12 years ago Wearmax is currently still wearing strong on millions of square feet of flooring in hospitals, schools, businesses, commercial settings, shopping malls, restaurants, dance floors and more throughout the world.

How tough is Wearmax?
Ceramic Coatings are fifty times stronger than any polyurethanes, wax or acrylic. In most cases with residential hardwood floors, it will wear down the nails of a dog over time before it will scratch your coated floor.

Who uses Wearmax?
Commercial and Residential building owners, hospitals, restaurants, schools, dance studios, casinos, churches, auditoriums, and supermarkets

How is Wearmax applied and how is it Anti-Slip?
Wearmax is a rolled on, 3 layer application process, applied only 1 time. The 1st layer: ‘Primer’ bonds to the floor. The 2nd layer: ‘Ceramic Armour’ displaces 14 Million Microscopic Ceramic Particles cones per square foot. The 3rd layer: ‘Shield’ or top coat protects the 2nd layer and allows the peaks to provide traction, while valleys provide for dirt and liquids to fall. The Wearmax Ceramic particles (Ceramic Armour) act like that of a tread of a tire, so the foot does not hydroplane on the dirt or liquid. The evenly spaced, peaked surface of Wearmax will microscopically provide traction throughout the entire floor. For even more ‘anti-slip’ grip, try "WearMax®" Advanced Ceramic.

How easy is it to care for a Wearmax treated floor?
VERY EASY! Dirt and dust does not stick to the hard top coat shield of (unlike wax or polyurethane).
Chairs and shoes do not scratch it’s armour surface.
Rust, chemicals and even sanitizers have a difficult time effecting this incredible coating.
A micro fibre pad or a floor duster is the easiest way to clean a treated floor. Clean with water or perhaps disinfectant cleanser or even a floor scrubber if needed for dried on dirt. All our customers tell us “... cleaning and maintenance time and costs have been drastically reduced”.

How long does it take to apply and how soon can it be walked on?
The dry time between coats is only 2 hours, (humidity and temperature permitting) and after the 3rd coat (Sheild/Gloss) the floor can be walked in as little as 3 hours. In most cases, a floor of ANY size can be coated in a night and you can open for business the very next morning. In the case where wax needs to be first stipped off a floor, it is best to wait 24 hours before application begins to ensure that the floor has fully dried.

Our Wearmax Manufacturer’s Warranty against wear.
For Commercial: 3 years*
For Residential: the Lifetime of the Floor*
*When applied by a trained and approved applicator

... and IF in perhaps 3... to 6... to maybe 10 years, a wear pattern in high traffic areas do appear, the area can be masked off and a top coat seamlessly added.

How much does Wearmax cost?
That depends what the condition of your current floor is, if your janitorial crew will be stripping the wax (if applicable) or if your facility maintenance crews will become the trained applicators or if you’ll be using one of our certified applicators. Call us today for a quote!

Can Wearmax be applied to an existing floor?
Yes! In fact, our trained applicators can most often make your existing floor look as good, or better than new. Just look at this photo of a floor that was a test isle done in a small grocery store, April 2009.
A small supermarket saved $40,000 its first year in cleaning costs, because their floor now only needs to be kept clean with a water dampened ‘swiffer’ type mop, during the day, instead of a full time cleaning crew half of the night, using scrubbers, detergents and buffers.