Wood alcohol stains are also quick-drying finishes. They are commonly used on furniture pieces. They provide attractive and elegant wood surface. However, they easily fade when exposed to direct sunlight.

  • WD Lockwood

  • DYE
    They are fairly transluscent, enhancing rather than obscuring the grain of the wood. The coloring is dissolved in the vehicle. The dye actually colors the wood grain and is absorbed into it.

  • Woodkote

  • OIL
    Penetrating oil stains are formulated to penetrate deeply into wood fibers. They provide excellent grain definition and rich color. However, they usually take some time to dry up before sealers and topcoats can be applied.

  • WD Lockwood

  • Bona

    Excellent for deep penetration and for usage under lacquer. Water-based stains are suitable for most wood styles, but it gains the best results on hard, close grained woods, like maple and birch. Any finishing material can be applied to the stain. Whether the floor is finished under lacquer, shellac or varnish, the color remains clean and uniform.

  • WD Lockwood

    Conditioner is used more on soft woods, pine or on maple or birch to give a more even tone. A conditioner will pre-seal some of the wood pores so that stain will be absorbed more evenly. The finished color will be lighter than without conditioner so test a sample piece first.

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