Hardwood Floors’ Do and Dont’s

maintainDon’t– Don’t wax floors that have a urethane finish!

Do – Use a residue free cleaner.

Don’t - Don’t use ammonia-based cleaners and oil soaps. They will dull your wood floors!  They will also make it more difficult to refinish your wood floors when it comes time to do that.

Do – Find a professional brand of floor cleaner for regular clean-up and touch-up of your wood floors. These usually come in a convenient spray bottle.

Don’t – Don’t soak  or over-wet your floors with water.  Use a lightly damp mop, sponge or a towel. That’s all that is needed to get the job done.  If you over wet your floors, the water can seep into the body of the wood where it will expand and cause the wood floors to crack.

Do – Wipe up spills immediately to avoid water damage.

Deep Cleaning Wood Floors!

deep cleanDingy and scraped up wood floors can be a sign that it’s time for screening and re-coating.

Screening is the process of scraping down the polyurethane finish on your wood floors and applying a few fresh coats of finish to it. You can revive your wood floor’s original shine and gloss.

Additionally, damaged floors might need to be sanded down to the bare wood before refinishing. One option that might be available, is to just replace the few boards that are damaged rather than having to refinish the entire room.

No matter what the condition of your wood floors, don’t risk further damage by only hiring a professional to carry out the work.

Protect Your Wood Floors!

faded floorYou can proactively care for your wood floors and preserve its beauty for years to come.

The first step is to protect it from direct sunlight. The UV Rays of the sun will quickly fade the color of your wood floors in the areas it comes into contact with. Protect your investments with drapes and blinds. We also recommend that you rearrange your furniture, such as sofas and rugs, occasionally so that the suns rays hit different parts of your floor. This will prevent dark spots

The next step is to protect it from scratches and gouges. Be careful when dragging or moving heavy objects across the floor. We recommend you use flannel protectors underneath your furniture legs before moving.

High heels are another hazard, as are scratches that come as a result  of pet’s nails. Don’t wear sharp heels when walking on the wood floors.  Keep your pet’s toe nails groomed.